Engro Fertilizer Ltd


Engro Urea, Engro NP, Engro DAP, Engro Zarkhez, Zingro, Engro MOP, Engro SSP

  • Engro NP: Fertilizer with equal quantity of nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Engro DAP: Contains Di Ammonium Phosphate (Imported by Engro EXIMP)
  • Engro Zarkhez: Contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (used primarily for sugar cane, fruit orchards, vegetables and tobacco farming)
  • Zingro: A micronutrient fertilizer (Imported by Engro EXIMP)

Competitor Analysis:

Efert operates within the Nitrogenous fertilizers sectors. So its competitor in that are:

Company FFC FFBL Efert
2016 Sales 75.38 bn 52.18 bn 157.21 bn
Fertilizer Sale in total Sale 97% fertilizer 100% fertilizer




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