Engro Fertilizer Ltd


Engro Urea, Engro NP, Engro DAP, Engro Zarkhez, Zingro, Engro MOP, Engro SSP

  • Engro NP: Fertilizer with equal quantity of nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Engro DAP: Contains Di Ammonium Phosphate (Imported by Engro EXIMP)
  • Engro Zarkhez: Contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (used primarily for sugar cane, fruit orchards, vegetables and tobacco farming)
  • Zingro: A micronutrient fertilizer (Imported by Engro EXIMP)

Competitor Analysis:

Efert operates within the Nitrogenous fertilizers sectors. So its competitor in that are:

Company FFC FFBL Efert
2016 Sales 75.38 bn 52.18 bn 157.21 bn
Fertilizer Sale in total Sale 97% fertilizer 100% fertilizer




APL – Annual Statement 30-Jun-2016

Study of Annual Report

Attock Petroleum Limited (the Company) was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company on December 3, 1995 and it commenced its operations in 1998. The Company is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The registered office of the Company is situated at Attock House, Morgah, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Company is domiciled in Rawalpindi. The principal activity of the Company is procurement, storage and marketing of petroleum and related products. Pharaon Investment Group Limited Holding s.a.l holds 34.38% (2015: 34.38%) shares of the Company.






Transaction with Related Parties

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